• PROTECT our village heritage and green spaces
• PROVIDE more affordable housing for families, first-time buyers and properties for “downsizers”
• ENCOURAGE more local business and enterprise
• PROVIDE new community facilities and recreation space
• CREATE more footpaths and cycle paths

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Do you agree with the Vision Statement for Redbourn?
  • 45.61% - ( 26 votes )
  • 3.51% - ( 2 votes )
  • 29.82% - ( 17 votes )
  • 21.05% - ( 12 votes )

Neighbourhood News

Work Begins again on Redbourn Neighbourhood Plan

Work on the Neighbourhood Plan was temporarily put on hold for 6 months as a result of St Albans District Council’s (SADC) legal battles over the Strategic Local Plan (SLP). A Judicial Review was held in June and the judge dismissed the Council’s case, meaning the plan has been withdrawn and they will have to […]

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